Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Is This Kid a Terrorist?

There's a weird video making the rounds, of TSA agents in some airport really scrutinizing a six year old kid. The video is at the bottom of this post.

I have no idea what the circumstances are in the scene, but the girl really doens't look like a terrorist to me. And yes, I've been known to call kids little terrorists.
TSA searches of kids, while necessary, I
guess, give me the willies

I guess the kid was drug tested, too. Again, there could be things that I don't know about from this video, but is it possible this kid planned to blow up the airport, but was too addled on crack or oxycontine to pull it off? I kinda doubt it.

Or is it just a random search, where they pick every sixth person to be their search target and our six year old was the lucky winner?

You know how some people are afraid of flying? I'm not. I'm fine once I'm on the plane, but I'm afraid of airports. Too confusing, too much security, too many rules. That's why I don't fly much.

Here's the vid:

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