Thursday, April 21, 2011

Yankovic and Gaga Dream Team

Great news for all music fans!

Weird Al Yankovich
Weird Al Yankovic and Lady Gaga have settled their differences. Lady Gaga has declared that she likes Yankovic's parody of her song "Born This Way," and will allow Yankovic to put "Perform This Way" on his album and promote the song.

I'm so relieved. I'm sure most of you have heard Gaga's "Born This Way" since each  hit radio station in the country appears compelled the play the song roughly 27,387,230,399 times a day.

Yankovic's "Perform This Way" picks on Lady Gaga's, um, unique style of dress and style. Sample lyrics:

"I'll poke your eye out with a dress like this
Back off and enjoy the show.
I'm sure my critics will say
It's a grotesque display
Well, they can bite me because I perform this way.
I might be wearing Swiss cheese
Or maybe covered with bees
It doesn't mean I'm crazy
I perform this way. "

You have to admit these lyrics are beautiful, deep, and meaningful, no?

Watch the video below. It's not the official video yet, and it was made at the time when Yankovic thought Gaga wouldn't let him put the song on the album. So ignore the little note at the beginning.

It is so worth watching, just to read all the lyrics. Honestly. It will surely change your life:

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