Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Vermont's Fitful Spring Continues

Spring is always an unpredictable time of year. Yesterday, a drenching rain soaked everything thoroughly, preventing me from really doing much landscape work and warm season prepping around my house in St. Albans, Vermont.
Wet trees in my yard shine in the sun as a sleet and rain shower
draws to a close last evening

Toward evening, the sun came out, and I was tempted to head outside and get some work done.

But it was still awfully wet, and that black cloud off to the northwest look ominous.

Sure enough, the cloud came overhead and unleashed a torrent of rain and sleet. It only lasted five minutes before the sun reappeared. As the remaining sleet slanted down through the sun in the gusty winds, the trees looked flash frozen, but it was just millions of water droplets glinting in the sun.
A highway near my house gleams in the evening sun after a shower,
contrasting with dark, wet trees and shrubs

I gave up on working outside with the new onslaught of water from the sky. But everything seemed newly washed and fresh and ready to turn spring green and grow toward another lush summer.

It was chilly, the fallen sleet crunched underfoot, but new green shoots struggled up through the muddy ground.

Finally, despite a cold wind, it felt like spring really had a plan to finally arrive.

I went inside and a weather forecaster on television confirmed a warm spell is due in a few days.
Daffodil plants just coming up in my yard gleam in a post
shower evening sun last evening. 

The dark grays of winter will slowly fade, as will the remaining, dirty patches of snow in the woods.  The green is coming. I can feel it.

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