Sunday, May 3, 2015

Kirstie Alley Closes Down George Washington Bridge? No, But......

Did Kirstie Alley shut down the George Washington
Bridge? Um, No, but a few readers of
the New York Times thought so.
Is Kirstie Alley a suspect in the New Jersey bridge scandal?

No, but bleary eyed, inattentive people on Saturday thought so. Or just people who can't spell.

The trouble started when the New York Times ran this headline: "Christie Alley Expected to Plead Guilty in George Washington Lane Closing Case."

The headline was a reference to accusations that New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie and/or his minions ordered the bridge closed one day in 2013 to screw over the mayor of Fort Lee, N.J. That mayor wouldn't endorse Christie's re-election bid, so the theory is Christie or somebody in his administration ordered lanes closed on the bridge to totally gum up traffic in Fort Lee.

That would teach the Fort Lee mayor about following orders!

Anyway, the first couple of words in Saturday's New York Times headline either looks like "Kirstie Alley" or reminded people of the actress and comedian. 

My goodness! Kirstie Alley has the power to close a major metropolitan bridge?

Kirstie Alley, and not the Christie Ally, took to Twitter to 'fess up. 

"I TAKE FULL RESPONSIBILITY! You see, I bought a new ASTON Martin and wanted the whole freeway to myself to test drive," Kirstie tweeted.

She later tweeted that she was reveling in her power, the power to close down the bridge. But later, she tweeted, "I feel the fire of the witch hunt..ouch ouch ouch"

I don't know what Kirstie Alley, or the Christie Ally will do next. But beware, either one might close down a major highway bridge near you, so plan ahead!

Or you could just learn to read carefully.

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