Thursday, May 21, 2015

Store Clerk Offers Hilarious Play By Play Of Inept Robber In Her Store

The sales clerk, right, takes her time loading
cigarettes into a bag the robber, at left wants.  
The video in this post has understandably gone viral.

It's surveillance footage of a store robbery in Salt Lake City, Utah.  

Yeah, yeah, I know, there's LOTS of footage out there of store robberies.

But in this case, the woman who was robbed offers a helpful play by play narrative of what's going on the video, which makes it so much fun.

The security button she kept pushing didn't work, so the cops didn't show up during the long, drawn out incident. (Pro tip for robbers: If you don't want to get caught,  make your heist clean and quick: Get your stuff and get out.)

Police did manage to catch the dufus robber five minutes after he left the store. (The clerk got the robber's license plate number, as the leisurely pace of the getaway allowed her to write it down.)

Authorities said the robber Marc Kammerman, 41, and an accomplice, Manmeet Bhatia, 22, were found hiding in a car in a car wash. Police were immediately suspicious of the car in the car wash since it was pouring rain at that moment.

Here's the video:

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