Monday, May 25, 2015

Sean, "The Dancing Man" Gets The Big Party, And The Girls

"Dancing Man" Sean O'Brien gets down
at the Avalon nightclub in Hollywood
over the weekend. Photo from Reuters.  
Dancing Man got his dance party over the weekend.

Back in March I wrote about a guy named Sean, who was cyberbullied by idiots on the social media site 4chan for having the audacity to dance and have a good time while overweight.

Apparently, in the twisted world of some 4chan and other social media fans, you have to be about 20 years and have a perfect body to have a good time in a nightclub. Or anywhere for that matter.

So the 4chan bullies posted a unflattering pics of him, including one of him looking understandably sad as these idiots laughed at him.

As expected, Sean O'Brien got the last laugh over the weekend.  After the cyberbulling, other groups of people on social media, including an activist named Cassandra Fairbanks of the Free Thought Project, hunted Sean down and announced a big dance party would be organized for him.

That party happened this weekend at Avalon, THE iconic nightclub in Hollywood. Moby, arguably the world's top DJ, kept the music going.

The nightclub was full of beautiful people, and by that I don't necessarily mean fashion models.

Before he got to the party, O'Brien made an appearance on The Today show, where he spoke of the good people of the world who outnumber the cyberbullies.

The Today Show also surprised O'Brien by having him meet Meghan Trainor, who's song "All About That Bass"  a 2014 smash hit and a catchy tune about the being proud and sexy no matter who you are.
Dancing Man with Megan Trainor on The Today Show. 

Sample lyric:

"Yeah, it's pretty clear, I ain't no size two
But I can shake it, shake it, like I'm supposed to do."

So, O'Brien did the same, shaking it with Trainor on The Today Show, and dancing up a storm at Avalon, just like he was supposed to do.

Because if you wanna have fun, you gotta have fun.

The event was also designed to raise awareness of bullying and so called fat shaming, and as a rebuke against these bullies.

As far as I know, nobody has tracked down the 4chan bullies that started this whole thing off with O'Brien.

But I bet O'Brien had a MUCH better weekend than the bullies who originally tormented him.

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