Tuesday, May 19, 2015

You Stil Have A Chance To Own A Giant Catsup Bottle

This giant catsup bottle in Collinsville, Illinois
can be yours. It's for sale. Head down there now
to make a down payment!  
Catsup with those fries?

You could have a lot of it, or the illusion of a lot of catsup anyway, if you buy a certain bit of real estate in Collinsville, Illinois.

The world's largest catsup bottle is up for sale, and it could be yours!

It's been for sale for almost a year, but so far there's been no takers, says KMOX in St. Louis.

The 170-foot tall catsup bottle, really a big water tower, and the surrounding property, went up for sale last year, but unbelievably, nobody seems to want a giant bottle of catsup.

A guy named Mike Gassmann, better known as "Big Tomato" is the lead cheerleader for the big catsup bottle's preservation. "It appeals to everybody from the catsup scene who put catsup on their breakfast cereal, to historic preservationists and architects, to people who actually collect photos of water towers," he told KMOX last year.

People put catsup on their breakfast cereal? Ewww!!!

Big Tomato goes on to say that the catsup bottle is Collinsville's Arch or Eiffel Tower.

Or something like that.

The catsup bottle has another practical use in Collinsville. It makes it easy for out of towners to get directions, said Collinsville marchant Mary Davis, according to KMOX.

"You tell people if you're going to meet somewhere, 'Hey, I'll meet you down the hill at the Catsup bottle,' or  'Come up the hill, go to the Catsup bottle and make a left.'"

The bottle is on the National Register of Historic Places, but that's no guarantee it will be saved if no buyers are found.

Rumors circulated last year that the people with Oscar Mayer Weinermobile were interested in the Catsup bottle (What a partnership!) but that's come to naught.

So, if you want a HUGE Catsup bottle,  head to Collinsville, Illinois and start negotiating!

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