Saturday, July 11, 2015

A Nightmare Week For Cell Phone Abusers

Nick Silvestri in a selfie taken on the cell
phone he later tried to charge on a Broadway stage.
Oh, and nice duckface on the girl right below
Silvestri. So proud.  
Obnoxious cell phone people have been in the news all week.  People are finally getting FED UP with people who can't part with their cell phones. Or maybe we've been fed up for awhile.

One of the incidents that really showed that some people are over the top with their cell phones.

We had the moron who, just before the Broadway comedy "Hand To God" started, jumped on stage and plugged his low battery iPhone6 into a fake wall outlet on the play's set on stage.

Playbill tracked the idiot down later.  He's Nick Silvestri, 19, of Long Island, New York.

He'd tried to plug his phone in at a restaurant earlier but the manager there yelled at him.

So, he had to try something else when he arrived at "Hand To God"

"I saw the outlet and ran for it," he told Playbill. "That was the only outlet I saw, so I thought, 'Why not? I was thinking that they were probably going to plug something in there on the set so I figured it wouldn't be a big deal if my phone was up there, too."

Uh, yeah. Just alter the set of a play, no worries. Just throw everybody off. And put a non sequitor on the stage just to make things goofy. Ugh.

Continues Playblll's interview with Mr. iPhone6:

"The reaction was immediate. Members of the audience shouted, and 'about five security guards came running down. So I hopped off the stage. They were pretty mad. They said, 'What were you thinking?" I said "Hey, buddy, what's the problem?"

Um, maybe the problem was you commandeered a Broadway stage for the sake of your stupid iPhone? I don't know.

Silvestri also seemed pretty pissed off that the security guy yelled at him in front of his family, and in front of the audience. Oh, the pain and sorrow! You poor thing!

Silvestri also thinks he should be thanked by the cast and crew of "Hand To God"

Really, why?

Asked what he'd say to the cast, Silvestri responded. "Hey, I'm sorry if I delayed your show five minutes. But got a lot of attention from this, so maybe I  made your show a little better known."

Yeah, we should all be grateful for self-centered Long Islanders who love their iPhones more than life itself, and think we should, too.

It seems as if people used to go to Broadway to you, know, see Broadway plays. Now, apparently, they go to Broadway to text. Like you can't do it anywhere else.

This week, Patti LuPone during her Broadway show, swiped a phone away from an audience member who'd spent most of the time there texting. Good for you, Patti!

The attachment to cell phones is of course world wide. I leave you with the emotion some people have when the phone malfunctions. This is on a Hong Kong subway car, in which a woman has a meltdown to say the least when her phone stops working.

Warning: Keep the sound down a little. If your neighbors hear you, they'll think you're torturing a cat, which is never a good thing:

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