Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Update: Awesome Homeless Piano Player In Rehab, Reconnects With Son

Before and after picture of Donald Gould
subject of a viral video of him playing a
piano in Sarasota, Florida.  
Remember that awesome homeless piano player I talked about a little while back, the one that became the subject of a viral video?

Well, as expected,  life continues to improve for that piano player, named Donald Gould. Some of the GoFundMe money that went to him paid for him to go into rehab to deal with his substance abuse problems.

He got a makeover.  Gould said of his new look, "No more caveman."

Even better, he reconnected with his long lost son, says television station WFLA.

Father and son talked via FaceTime, set up by WFLA and a sister television station in Michigan, where the son lives.

He lost custody of the son when the kid was three years old, due to his long running substance abuse.

Gould said he hopes this turn of luck his just the ticket to help him restore his self respect and keep clean and sober.

Let's hope things continue to improve for Donald Gould.

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