Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Neo-Nazis Get The Music They Deserve

South Carolina Police Officer Leroy Smith, who is blakc
helps a white supremicist who was overcome
by the summer heat during the stupid racists'
pro-Confederate flag march in South Carolina
last week. Photo by Rob Godfrey/AP  
The National Socialist Party, a bunch of stupid neo-Nazis that hate Jews in particular but pretty much anyone who isn't white, had a big march in South Carolina last weekend in support of the Confederate flag.

It didn't go well.

At least for the National Socialist Party anyway. Counterprotests seemed to have a grand old time.

The group really looked as dumb as they were, and a bunch of people were on hand to give these wackos the derision they deserve.

The National Socialist Party's message was undercut in several ways, including via a viral photo by Rob Godfrey of the AP of a black cop helping one of these nutjobs who had been overcome by the intense summer heat in South Carolina.

The best part of the march came from a guy named Matt Buck, who decided the National Socialist Party pro-Confederate flag march could be improved upon by some musical accompanyment.

So be brought his sousaphone (kind of like a tuba) to the party and, in the viral video you'll see below, really managed to make the march worth attending.

Like many in the crowd of onlookers, and the nation as a whole, Buck is totally unimpressed with the National Socialist Party, and wanted to send them a message.

"I didn't really know how to show my opposition, so that was my way of doing it," Buck said, according to the Charleston City Paper. 

It seems like Buck put some thought into his musical selection. He started with the song Stewie from "Family Guy" plays when he's hired to follow overweight people around with a tuba.

Then Buck switched over to Wagner's "Ride of the Valkyries."  He told the Charleston City Paper he did so because it reminded him of the Nazi car chase scene from "The Blues Brothers."

So thank you, Matt Buck, for wise song choices for last weekend's event!

Here's the video.

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