Monday, July 27, 2015

This Sheriff WILL Get His Suspect

Sheriff Lt. Clay Higgins on the trail of
the guy who burglarized Stelly's Supermarket  
Somebody burglarized Stelly's Supermarket and Restaurant in St. Landry Parish, Louisiana and Sheriff Lt. Clay Higgins is on the case.

We've got the proof in this awesome Crimestoppers video he stars in.

The first part of it is just the usual, here's what happened, here's what the suspect looks like, but then Higgins takes a glorious turn.

We learn what a great place Stelly's is, what great food it has, and what lousy food the suspect will have in his small jail cell once he's arrested.

Higgins hints that he already knows who the suspect is, given the great boot print on the door that was kicked in and some possible DNA evidence.

He also noted that the $1,000 reward for the capture of this goon is tempting for a lot of people. He tells the suspect in the video: "People who know you really don't like you anyway, so when it comes down to a choice between you and $1,000, they'll take the cash."

Watch this awesome video, filmed in the Stelly's parking lot:

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