Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Dogs Not Allowed At New Jersey Dog Park

Up until a few days ago, dogs were not allowed
at a new dog park in Pompton Lakes, New Jersey.  
The community of Pompton Lakes, New Jersey finally has a new dog park where pups and their owners could run and play and fetch balls and such.

Or maybe not.

The dog park is built and ready to be used, but dogs are not allowed in, thanks to quirks in the town's ordinances.

The dog park is within the larger Hershfield Park, and nobody realized until after the dog park was built that dogs aren't allowed in Hershfield Park, according to

The only way to get to the dog park is to go through Hershfield Park, so unless you drop dogs from helicopters into the dog park, Fido can't go to said park.

Pompton Lakes is going to have to change its town bylaws, so that you can take a dog on a leash through Hershfield Park, then led the pups run free once their inside the dog park

But for now, technically, at least, no dogs are allowed in the dog park.  But the town has gotten rid of the "No Dogs  Allowed" signs and Pompton Lakes cops are now looking the other way when dogs enter the park on a leash.

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