Wednesday, June 1, 2016

I'm A Sucker For America;s Got Talent Surprises: Re: Linkin Bridge

Linkin Bridge wowed 'em on "America's Got Talent"   
The 2016 summer season of "America's Got Talent" debuted last night, and right away I was suckered in as always.

The story lines are always cliched. They introduce you to an act, and try to set them up in a certain way, based on their looks, appearances, etc. and of course they are completely different in reality.

Such was the routine when they introduced a four-man group called Linkin Bridge. Four very tough-looking guys who sauntered out onto the stage, all cool, dressed in dark urban wear clothing, with tattoos and don't-mess-me-looks on their faces.

A rap act, is the expectation, of course. Which of course wasn't what Linkin Bridge was up to at all.

We ended up with a gorgeous acapella rendition of "Somewhere Over The Rainbow" from these guys, the must-watch video is below.

Yeah, the set up before they actually opened their mouths to sing is a bit much. It's summer network TV after all.

Linkin Bridge, from the Louisville, Kentucky area, uses this schtick a lot. This video and this video, among others circulating from last Christmas, shows the group, wearing clothes people associated with street gangs, menacingly confront people in wealthy, largely white suburbs and then break into carols.

Which is wonderful because they're breaking apart racial stereotypes.

Here's Linkin Bridge's America's Got Talent performance in case you missed it:

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