Thursday, June 2, 2016

Weird Far Right Protestors Attack Vegan Cafe With Sausages

This vegan cafe inTibilisi, Georgia was attacked
by men wielding sausages and other meats
in a very weird far right demonstration, apparently
Political protests can get really weird.

In Tbilisi, the capital of the nation of Georgia, far right demonstrators with sausages draped around their necks raided a vegan restaurant and threw meat down on people's plates, according to The Guardian newspaper.

The meat-wielding idiots then attacked customers and staff, causing several minor injuries. The meatheads left before police arrived.

The meat dummies had apparently been around before, asking a nearby shopkeeper last month whether foreigners or members ofthe LGBT community often went to the cafe.

Because, as you know, gay people and foreigners who don't eat meat are fair game for attack by the far right.  Right wing extremists hate everything. Except meat.

There probably were foreigners at the cafe at the time of the attack. When it hit, they were showing English language episodes of Rick and Morty, an animated sic-fi sitcom.

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