Sunday, June 26, 2016

This Dog Rescue Sounds Almost Like A Crime Show Caper

Lucy the pit bull on the mend in the United States after
being secretly spirited out of Egypt to get her
away from an abusive owner.  
In Egypt, people believe purebred dogs are a status symbol.

Which is fine, as long as the dogs aren't mistreated.

But Lucy, a one-year old pitiful was mistreated. Badly.

The owner repeatedly kicked Lucy and beat her with a brick. Both sides of her jaw were broken, and she suffered other injuries.

A rescue group in Cairo tried to get the owner to give Lucy up, says The Dodo, but the guy refused.

So, it was on to Plan B: A bit of international bait and switch.

The rescue group in Cairo told the dog's owner Lucy had died of the injuries he had inflicted on her.

But she was really alive, if not well. The Cairo group got ahold of an outfit called Special Needs Animal Rescue and Rehabilitation or SNARR.

SNARR spirited Lucy out of Egypt and to the United States before the dog's evil owner could figure out what was going on.

It took a lot of medical attention to make Lucy well, what with her shattered jaw and a terrible infection. But The Dodo says she's on the mend and will be put up for adoption.

She's with a foster family now who report that Lucy is a real sweetheart. 

Normally, I'm not in favor of lying and almost creating international incidents, but in this case, it was worth it.

I just hope that guy in Egypt doesn't get another dog. But I kinda hope he found out what went on with Lucy, so he can stew in his own regret for being a jerk, and too stupid to realize he was being conned in the best possible way.

Once Lucy is fully healed and with a loving family, maybe she can star in the next James Bond movie.

After all, she's experienced now in international intrigue.

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