Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Watch This Idiot Intentionally Block Ambulance

This Mercedes blocked an ambulance for an
excruciatingly long two minutes, as seen
in a viral video.  
An ambulance driver in Slovakia encountered the world's worst douche.

According to the Daily Mirror, the incident in the viral video at the bottom of this post involved a Mercedes driven by Boris Zahumensky, a local entrpreneur who recently, unsuccessfully ran for elections to the local council.

Zahumensky later claimed he was trying to do the ambulance drive a "favor" by guiding the way to wherever the ambulance was going.

"I did not hesitate to risk my life and brand new car that I only had owned for two days to do this," he noted with a hero's humility. Or humidity, whatever

Of course the video contradicts our hero Zahumensky's account, as it shows him telling off the ambulance driver when it was finally able to come up alongside him.

Police revoked Zahumensky's driver's license and his weapons license has been suspsended.  

Here's the video:

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