Thursday, September 15, 2016

Giant Moon Rolls Through Chinese City, But All Is Fine

It was cloudy and gusty in the city of Fuzhou, China the other day because of a typhoon lurking offshore.
An inflatable moon that broke loose takes a
trip down a freeway in a Chinese city. 

But then, what's this? A giant inflatable moon comes rolling through town, crashing through intersections, bouncing over cars on the freeway and skittering off cargo ships docked at the port.

The city is having a mid-autumn festival that features the moon. Since clouds from the typhoon were blocking the view of the real full moon overhead, people set up these inflatable ones.

The gusty winds from outer fringers of Typhoon Meranti broke one of these moons loose, resulting in this funny video you see below. Nobody got hurt and there was no real damage:

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