Tuesday, September 20, 2016

You Can't Unsee This, But Here's Rick Perry Dancing To "Green Acres"

Rick Perry, was, um, interesting, as he
danced to "Green Acres" on "Dancing With The Stars"
I'm going to try NOT to get into the habit of writing about "Dancing With The Stars" every week, though I'm sorry for the pattern.

Last week it was Ryan Lochte getting attacked on the set of the show.

This week, it's us getting "attacked" by former Texas governor and former Republican presidential candidate Rick Perry doing the quick step to the old "Green Acres" television theme.

The judges weren't impressed, giving him the low score of the night. (Or so I'm told. I actually prefer "The Voice" and watched that last night instead.)

Perry will probably get kicked off during tonight's elimination round on the show.

Can't win a presidential election. Can't win a dance competition. You gotta feel for Perry, no?

Still, I'm impressed in a sort of jaw-dropped way by Perry's over the top kitschy performance. Now you can see it, too! It's, um, something.


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