Wednesday, February 8, 2017

A Moment With The Nation's Most Patriotic Chicken

This patriotic chicken knows how to play "America
The Beautiful" on a keyboard
Because we all love America, despite some of the politics going on in the nation these days, we all need a patriotic song or two to get us into our Love of Nation spirit.

With that, I bring you Jokgu, a 19-month old chicken from Germantown, Maryland who plays "America The Beautiful" on a keyboard.

Yep, you got that. A chicken knows the song. You can watch the video at the bottom of this post.

Normally, a chicken would just pluck and peck on things at random, but they can be trained to do things a certain way through clicker training.

The method uses positive reinforcement to shape behavior. When the chicken pecks at the right key,she gets a reward. The wrong key, no reward.

Pretty soon, the system of rewards can get the chicken to peck at the keyboard in a certain order, and Voila! A song is born.

Plus, "America The Beautiful," while aa wonderful song, is also pretty simple, so a chicken can handle it.

Watch the video, stand up and be proud!


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