Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Woman Somehow Manages To Get Snake Stuck In Her Earlobe

Ashley Glawe got her pet python Bart stuck in her
gauged ear. Both are fine now, though. 
I'm prone to pratfalls.

I'm always tripping, dropping things, losing things, losing my marbles.

My sister Lynn says I'm fun to watch.  


But I was delighted today when I learned I've never got myself in trouble in this weird a fashion: A woman in Oregon managed to get a snake stuck in her earlobe. 

I bet that will never happen to me.

The woman in question, Ashley Glawe, has a rather unique fashion sense. Part of that is her gauged earlobe. That means it's stretched to a large, weird shape, I guess so you can put big earrings in or sonething.

So she has a big hole in her earlobe.

Glawe said her pet python, Bart, decided to slither into that big hole in her earlobe and got stuck. Which meant she had to go to the emergency room to fix the problem.

I'm sure the medical personnel at the hospital had never seen anything quite like that.

Thankfully, everything ended well. Doctors numbed Glawe's ear so they can stretch it more without inflicting a lot of pain so that Bart could slither out.

And, bonus! Bart was not injured during his ordeal. Glawe is fine, too.

Well, as fine as a woman can be with big holes in her ear and a pet python named Bart

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