Friday, February 3, 2017

Super Bowl Melissa McCarthy Ad Is Just The Distraction We Need

Melissa McCarthy distracts us in an incredible stupid,
and incredibly welcome Super Bowl Kia ad. 
The world seems ponderous and depressing these days.

Even a seemingly innocuous Budweiser Super Bowl ad, turned out to be fraught, which really tells us we're in trouble.

We need a seriously, very STUPID distraction.

So the the world turns its weary eyes to you, Melissa McCarthy.

Which brings us to another Super Bowl commerical.

It's stupid. It's slapstick, It's silly. It's unimportant. It will not change the world. At all.

It's McCarthy shilling for Kia

There are no consequences that will stem from this commercial. It's just McCarthy "saving the environment" in her Kia Niro.

But maybe it will change the world. Because it gave me a belly laugh because it was so inconsequentially funny. I hope it does the same for you, because this is what we all need right now.

So thank you, Kia and Melissa McCarthy, for turning us into two year olds who will laugh at anything. No matter how gloriously stupid.


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