Thursday, February 2, 2017

More Bad Lip Reading For Super Bowl Weekend

:What to NFL players, coaches and refs really say to each
other during a game? Find out with Bad Lip Reading
I know, I know, I  just offered up a Bad Lip Reading video for the Trump inauguration a week or so ago, but I can't resist another one.

Bad Lip Reading is a YouTube channel where the makes take clips of something that was going on, without the sound.

They judge the way the lips of the people in the videos move to come up with lip reading of the action.

The lip reading, though, is hilariously off kilters, strange, absurd and just plain wacko.

NFL action is totally low hanging fruit for the makers of Bad Lip Reading videos, so in honor of the Super Bowl this weekend, we have a special NFL edition of Bad Lip Reading.

I just wish the people in the video really said what they're purported to be saying in the video.

Watch, because I know you need a good laugh:

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