Sunday, February 12, 2017

Melissa McCarthy/Sean Spicer Strike Again

Melissa McCarthy, as White House Spokesman Sean Spicer,
attacks a reporter with a leaf blower on last night's SNL.
This may turn out to be a weekly feature, the way things are going.

Melissa McCarthy returned last night to Saturday Night Live as the always angry and frustrated White House Spokesman Sean Spicer.

Last night's episode had the usual zany props, this time an enormous stick of gun, dolls and a leaf blower. McCarthy/Spicer put all those things to good use.

A bonus SNL video is below the McCarthy/Spicer one in this post.

As always, tempers flared during the McCarthy/Spicer "press briefing" Watch and be prepared to laugh a lot, once again:

Also, last night on SNL, creepy White House counsel Kellyanne Conway goes totally "Fatal Attraction" on CNN's "Jake Tapper"  In real life, the actual Tapper declined to have Conway on his news show because she lacks credibility.

SNL helpfully re-imagines the aftermath of Tapper's decison. The great SNL comic actor Kate McKinnon nailed Kellyanne on this one (By the way, McKinnon also shined as Jeff Sessions and Elizabeth Warren elsewhere in last night's SNL.

A few people thought this skit was sexist. Maybe. But I still thought it was really funny. Here's the "Fatal Attractions" skit:

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