Sunday, April 16, 2017

Bomb Squad Makes Beeping Easter Eggs So Visually Impaired Kids Can Hunt

Bomb squad members in Missouri make beepig Easter eggs
last year so that visually impaired children can participate
in Easter egg huts. 
Hats off to a Tampa, Florida areas bomb squads for making a bunch of Easter eggs that visually impaired children can find during this weekend's Easter egg hunts.

This has actually been going on for more than a decade after a special agent learned his newborn kid was blind.

So he and his buddies decided to make an Easter egg hunt work for visually impaired children.  

The eggs beep, so children can find them. They are "hidden" in an open field at a park in Tavares, Florida for the kids to find.

Obviously, the bomb squad's work is usually more dangerous than beeping Easter eggs, so this is a break for them, too.

The beeping is annoying when the eggs are in the police station, waiting to be hidden, but it's worth it.

The officers from five Florida bomb squads build the eggs, soldering and installing wiring that make the plastic eggs beep

This bomb squad beeping egg movement seems to be growing in recent years, which is always a good thing.  Charles County, Missouri bomb squad members made the eggs last year, for instance

Here's a video of such an egg hunt last year:

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