Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Goose Vs. Cop: Goose Wins

A goose attacked a police detective in Clarksville,
Tennessee in an assault that was caught
on security cameras. 
From the YouTube Police Center channel, we get this video of a Clarksville, Tennessee detective attacked by an assailant as he makes his way to the office recently.

The goose gets the upper hand quickly, shoving the detective into the bushes and causing all sorts of havoc before the detective escapes.  

The goose was apparently trying to protect a nest that had young goslings. This kind of attack is fairly common in the spring.

The goose was engaged in what botanists say is "wing slapping," which uses the strongest part of their body to fend off would-be attackers.

The good news is the detective wasn't hurt, aside from a bruised ego.

So far, no charges are pending against the goose, but it does clearly seem to be a case of assault on a police officer.


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