Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Dirty Cars And Trucks Turn Into Great Artwork In Moscow

A Moscow illustrator scratched at dirt on the back of
this truck to create some cool artwork. 
In northern climes, early spring is Mud Season. It's that gloomy, ugly time of year when most of the snow has melted and nothing has really greened up yet.

The frost is melting out of the ground. It's raining. The result: Everything is filthy dirty. '

Such was the case in Moscow, Russia, recently, as they went through their mud season.

As Bored Panda reports, an illustrator named Nikita Golubev has been "vandalizing" filthy dirty cars in Moscow with drawings etched into the filth and mud on the vehicles.

The results are gorgeous

On one dirty box truck, a crocodile rests in the mud on the side panel. A dark colored dusty sedan has a giant shark. Some sort of feline stares at motorists following a delivery truck.  Surfers catch waves on the side of an 18-wheeler.

Of course, the artwork never lasts. There's car washes, rain storms, and more mud to cover the artwork. But Golubev's work does bring some glory to drab, brown mud season.

Check out this link to Bored Panda for more examples.

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