Thursday, September 1, 2011

Kansas Jerks to Worsen Vermont Disaster

Just when you thought the Vermont flood disaster wrought by Irene couldn't get any worse, we learned the other day that the Westboro Baptist Church plans to pay us a visit next week.

Flooding in Waitsfied, Vermont on Sunday.
The Kansas-based "church," really a bunch of yahoos, are that small group of people, mostly from the same family, who tour the country spreading hate and stupidity wide and far.

Their favorite activity seems to be to go around disrupting military funerals by saying they're happy the soldier died because God hates gay people.

Yeah, it makes no sense, but they are a bunch of weirdos who like to kick people when they're down.

Anyway, most people think the flood in Vermont that killed four people and devastated parts of the state was a tragic natural disaster. The Westboro Yahoos think the flood was God's punishment. You see, Vermont allows gay marriage, so of course God would send a downpour our way. OK. What is God saying when Vermont has nice weather?

These bozos said they'll be in Montpelier Monday. I hope it stays peaceful and everybody pretty much ignores them.

My worry is somebody in Vermont who was pushed over the edge by the flood will come down there. Maybe they lost their home or their job, and just can't take any more. I obviously don't want anybody, including the Westboro Yahoos, to get hurt, but there's a lot of hunting rifles in this state, and I don't want some crazy guy from some small town to bring his weapon to confront the crazies from Kansas.

So Vermonters, we'll let the Westboro Yahoos do their little song and dance and ignore them. They'll go away on their own.  We're too busy helping out our neighbors through a bad patch.

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