Sunday, September 18, 2011

Sinful Meteorologists

Meteorologists have a reputation as being goofy, geeky and giddy over things like say, dense fog advisories. But the stereotype is they don't exactly walk on the wild side.

Well, a few of these weather wizards are trying like hell to blow that mild mannered reputation out of the water. Turns out there is are plenty of wild weathermen and women out there.

Exhibit A is Brett Cummins, until recently a meteorologist at television station KARK in Arkansas got his share of, um, notice, for waking up in a hot tub next to a naked dead guy wearing a dog collar.
Brett Cummins, the once-Arkansas TV
weather guy who faces stormy times now

Well, he certainly had an unfortunately wild night.

He initially took a leave of absence because he was "mourning his friend."

And I imagine mourning the loss of his career.

He finally quit his gig at the television station over this. And I forecast more stormy weather in his near future.

Then there's  Heidi Jones, the former ABC meteorologist in New York who inexplicably falsely said she'd been attacked. 

I guess the partly cloudy skies with a 30 percent chance of showers weren't exciting enough.

She did say she made up the story because she wanted the attention and she was under a lot of stress. Maybe she should have did her forecasts in a more exciting place, like tornado alley.

I found an interesting article cataloging the sordid lives of television meteorologists. A surprising number of them have gotten into lots of legal trouble, often for icky sex scandals. 

I'm your resident weather geek, but I promise you I won't get into a scandal. They're too much work, what with the court appearances, annoying prosecutors, tedious interview requests and the risk of getting an invite to appear on TruTV's World's Dumbest Criminals. 

So, I'll stick to such shocking behavior as having a beer after work, maybe listening to Lady Gaga's latest single, or if I'm feeling really wild, planting a few more perennials around the yard.

Because dead naked men with dog collars just aren't my style.

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  1. You need to find something better to blog about.Your kind of way late.You do not know this man.Plus the guy that was found dead was a kid who loved to go to raves and party hard.Death was on him not on Brett.U will be judged for your over the top stories you know nothing about!