Friday, September 30, 2011

Susan Boyle Channels Depeche Mode?

One of my favorite songs ever is "Enjoy the Silence" by Depeche Mode. 
Susan Boyle

Just saw that Susan Boyle came out with a version of it, and I said, uh, oh, that can't be good.  You remember her. She's the frumpy looking woman in 2009  on Britain's Got Talent who was grossly underestimated until she opened her mouth to sing. It's one of the most famous videos on YouTube and I still tear up a bit when I see it. 

That initial success led to a big recording career for Boyle. And I"m so glad, she deserves it. I've always rooted for her. 

However, I usually don't like remakes of my favorite songs. And though Boyle has an awesome voice, I couldn't imagine her taking a crack at Depeche Mode. Kind of like mixing hamburger and ice cream for dinner.

But once again Boyle was underestimated. By me this time. Turns out her Depeche Mode remake is awesome. Compare the two versions for yourself.

Click on this sentence to listen to the Depeche Mode version

And click here to listen to Boyle's take on "Enjoy The Silence." 

I honestly don't know which version is better. 

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