Monday, September 5, 2011

Storms, Rain, Wet Still in Vermont

As I noted yesterday, Vermont continues to be harassed by bad weather.

So far, this latest round hasn't been another uber-disaster, but just annoyingly threatening and slightly damaging.
A nasty looking thunderstorm bears down on
St. Albans, Vermont on Sunday.

Yesterday, here in St. Albans, we weren't due to get any weather until late afternoon, but at 11 a.m. the sky to the west turned as black as can be. The dark clouds swirled and lowered and rolled, and I was sure we would get a lot of damage.

Luckily, the storm had a bigger bark than bite. There was a lot of lightning, a big downpour, a bit of hail and some impressive but not terribly damaging wind gusts, and it was over in 15 minutes.

From there on, thunderstorms seemed to fire up all around me but never hit with full force. Elsewhere in Vermont the storms knocked down trees, cut power (again!) and caused some flash flooding. The flooding wasn't nearly as bad as last week.

Today, there's a drenching rain here in St. Albans, but it's not torrential. My brook is behaving itself so far. Elsewhere in Vermont, there's areas of downpours.  Some of Burlington's streets flooded. So far, no major new flooding though, so we all have to keep watching unfortunately.

A towering thunderstorm cloud erupts southeast
of St. Albans Sunday evening at sunset.
 The moon is still out, though. 
At least forecasters now tell us Hurricane Katia is going to miss. The remnants of Lee, with it's inches and inches and inches of rain, is another question. Maybe it will hit, maybe it won't. Gawd, I'm still so ready for some boring weather.

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