Monday, September 26, 2011

Traffic Not Like Vermont

This isn't why I live in Vermont.

I'm spoiled in that I rarely have to sit in traffic jams, given how I live in the Green Mountain State.
Last Wednesday. Interstate 89, south
of Georgia, Vermont. Grr!

Which makes it pretty annoying that the traffic jams are cropping up here more and more often.
Last week, it was twice in two days.

On the way home from work Wednesday, things came to a complete standstill on Interstate 89 between Colchester and Georgia, Vermont

Seems there had been a car crash earlier, and although it had been cleaned up by the time I got on the Interstate, the road still jammed up. People rubbernecking at skid marks? People trying to cause new accidents just for fun? People just stopping because it's fun to stop on a major highway and make the whole world stop with you?

It was a complete mystery, but I sat still, not moving for a half hour. It was almost long enough to see a discernable change in the color of the leaves, it being fall and all.

All in all, it was a wonderful way to spend an early autumn evening. Breathing in the fumes of the cars and trucks around me, and watch the fuming of all the people around my late to wherever they were going.

Next morning, Joy! I had to take a road other than Interstate 89. This would be a breeze! I had to bring Jackson the puppy to doggie day care, which would take me along Route 7 into Milton, Vermont.

Of course, I forgot about the construction at the intersection with Lake Road, which is the route to doggie day care. They've been digging and scraping and drilling and moving earth since May, and I don't see a difference. I don't know what they're building.

The construction crews there appeared to believe that stopping all traffic to lay pipes between 7:30 and 8:30 a.m. is the perfect time to do this. So there I sat in another long line of traffic.
Thursday morning. Route 7 in Milton.
Double GRRRR!!!

Traffic jams are city things. It's jarring to sit there in a line of cars amid the pleasant autumn rural scenery. Will this get worse? Will these traffic jams happen every day? Maybe I should move to somewhere quieter, with fewer cars.

Baffin Island, perhaps?

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