Friday, June 14, 2013

Hero Dogs, Fun Dogs, Going To The Dogs

Jeff the Husband and Jackson the Cocker Spaniel were gone for a week on a business trip but got back home.

Here, I'll celebrate Jackson's return with a couple of dog stories.
O'Neil the hero guide dog in training

First, we'll get a news break: In California, a guide dog in training named O'Neil is being hailed as a hero because he alerted his trainers to an out of control car racing toward them in time for everyone to get out of the way.

The car was coming from behind them. O'Neil realized something was wrong before his trainers did, so he turned around and jerked on his leash.

That alerted the trainers, who ran around a corner in time for the car, which was racing down the sidewalk  to miss them.

The car was driven by a 93 year old woman who apparently didn't realize her foot was on the gas.

Watch the dramatic surveillance video, below:

Next we go to dogs who, while not necessarily being heroes, but they'll make us smile. It's just a clip to make your day. Dogs enjoying car trips with the usual head out the window, wind in their faces. Makes me want to join them. Watch:

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