Sunday, June 16, 2013

How To Make Karma Smile On A Dunkin Donuts Clerk

Abid Adar, 18, was a hero of the Internet last week and it's easy to see why.

He was the victim of eight minutes of abuse by one Taylor Chapman, 27.  It all started when Chapman said that during a stop at the Dunkin Donuts the night before, they didn't give her a receipt.
This guy endured an
8 minute racist rant from
an idiot who thought it was
the end of the world
because Dunkin Donuts
didn't give her a receipt.

Apparently, if you don't get a receipt at Dunkin Donuts,  you get free food as compensation.

Well Chapman was outraged! She'll show Dunkin Donuts! So she lit into Adar with a racist, over the top screed about not getting her receipt, and recorded it on her smart phone, apparently thinking her insanity would galvanize the public against Dunkin Donuts' alleged failure to provide a receipt, and strike a blow for consumers' rights everywhere.

Or something like that.  At least a lot of people watched her video, even if everybody ended up hating her.

Chapman's screed lasted a good eight minutes, which probably felt like eight years to our buddy Abid

Through it all, we see Abid staying completely calm, apologizing for Dunkin Donuts supposedly outrageous behavior and telling Chapman politely that she can whatever she ordered the night before totally free of charge. And he kept smiling graciously.

You'd think the guy was Ghandi or something.

For those who can't take the entire eight minutes of Taylor's escapades, here's a helpful review of the top moments of her video, which gives you the gist of where she was coming from. (She seems to say Mars. I say Pluto)

Chapman became so vilified that she took down her Facebook post. Before signing off of the public pages of Facebook, Chapman had this parting shot:

"Fuck off losers. I was exposing racism and raising awarness. (sic)  And I know you were thinking exactly what I said. So fuck off weaklings."

Yeah, Abid and his coworkers were being racists because they were forced to listen to a racist screed. Makes perfect sense.  Me and everyone else were thinking what a moron you are, Taylor. Is that what you were thinking about yourself?

Meanwhile, Dunkin Donuts said it will help contribute to Adar's educational pursuits, because he acted so professionally in the face of Taylor's wrath.

 He wants to be a doctor, so he could use the cash. Medical school is expensive, and the eight bucks an hour he is earning at Dunkin Donuts probably won't entirely pay for his education.   A zillion people have commented to him and through social media about what a good guy he is. And he is a saint. I would have slugged Taylor.
This not very bright woman went off on
a huge rant at a Dunkin Donuts, making
her one of the world's most hated people. 

He wants to be a doctor He should probably become a psychiatrist. He could have a full time job just working on his tormentor Chapman's issues.

Meanwhile, for her efforts, Chapman got fired from a job at a marketing firm, which makes sense since marketing companies like to generate positive PR, not the kind of stuff she did at Dunkin Donuts.

For good measure, her former company posted a strange video to YouTube, with unflattering pictures of Chapman, recordings of people calling in to the company to demand she be fired, and a statement from I guess the head of the marketing firm saying, "Taylor Chapman, you are fired."

The marketing guy also says "Hell hath no fury like the Internet."

I'll say. The Internet is bursting at the seams with anger at Taylor and what is to say the least her idiocy.

All this is a great example of how public shaming has really taken off on the Internet. It seems to be how we communicate these days.  Taylor intended to publicly shame Dunkin Donuts and its employees, earning fame and fortune on line in the process, as others have done.

But she was playing with fire and her own stupidity. The tables were turned on Taylor and she's the target of public shaming.

Now, Taylor knows what it feels like to get an over the top onslaught from all us wonderful folks on the Internet. The question is: Is Taylor smart enough to learn her lesson?

At least Abid, the Dunkin Donuts employee who chose the best option by pretty much keeping his mouth shut, is winning. Seems like he could offer many of us a lesson in civility and how not to overshare.

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