Tuesday, June 11, 2013

I Demand Funnier And/Or Better Television Commercials! Here's Three Good Ones

Why can't television commercials be more entertaining?

As we all know, most are awful, boring and make us flee to the bathroom. If advertisers want our eyeballs, and our business, you've got to lure us in.  Humor works great.

Here's an ad from Conforma,  a French furniture company. It's short and to the point, and it has a great punch line.

I might have posted this next one before, but I can't resist. It's for Nolan's Cheese. The storyline, the editing, the lighting are all awesome in this ad, but what makes the advertisement perfect is the song choices they've made as the commercial proceeds.

The only thing I don't like is, it's a fake ad. There's no Nolan's Cheese. It's a guy named John Nolan who is just trying to show how impressive he is with animatronics and film. It's still worth another look, though.

The next ad his isn't funny, but it's an awesome one from Pfizer, the drug company. We see a teenage boy in this gloomily lit ad with an ominous soundtrack. He's out late at night. With a can of spray paint. He's surreptitiously spraying buildings in a bleak urban area. He comes back home to his apartment. Late.  His weary, burdened looking mother looks at her watch and scowls in what seems to be utter disapproval.

I also love how the actors in the commercial ratchet up the tension with quiet, subtle and telling facial expressions. Watch how the ad brilliantly unfolds.

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