Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Against All Odds: Martha Stewart KILLS It Roasting Justin Bieber; Laugh Out Loud

Martha Stewart does maybe the best, and crudest
celebrity roast ever, and it is laugh out loud funny. 
Perhaps my least favorite famous person is Justin Bieber.

When a celebrity roast of Bieber was due on TV the other night, I practically ran screaming out of the room in terror at the thought of it.

Then I learned Martha Stewart was going to be one of the people doing the Bieber roasting. She is also on my Least Favorite List of celebrities. This was going to be grim.

Then, somehow, I caught a clip of Stewart doing the roasting of Bieber, and all the other comics and famous people sitting there on the stage.

It was brilliant! I found myself laughing out loud. Really loud. Enough to scare the dogs out of the room.

Yes, I know somebody wrote the script for Stewart, but she had the gall to deliver it.

Stewart's comedy routine was profane and big time crossed the line past good taste. The video is totally NSFW, and if you're easily offended, the video you'll see below is definitely not for you.

But for those of you who like a bit of crude, wildly funny humor, Martha Stewart absolutely killed it. At let me tell you, at age 73, she certainly seems to have some street cred.

I actually find myself liking her a bit more. Maybe she's off my list of Least Favorite Celebrities.

As for Bieber, well, go away.

But first, watch Martha Stewart be just perfect, but not the brand of perfect you're used to from her:

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