Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Go-Pro Camera's Free Falls Is Dizzying, Cool

The view from a Go Pro camera just before
the photographer dropped it, and it filmed
itself in a 10,000 foot freefall.  
Some skydivers in Kristianstad, Sweden dropped a Go-Pro camera while way up there at around 10,000 feet.

Somebody later found the camera in the grass and was able to upload the film to YouTube.

The camera spun wildly on the way down, so you can't really see exactly what it was going to land on, but it's a terrifying perspective of the ground getting closer, closer, CLOSER!! in a free fall.

Glad it was a camera and not a person.

A person later found the camera in a field, its memory card intact. That person uploaded the last video on the memory card - the free fall -- onto YouTube and put out a plea to find and return the camera to the owner.

The camera has since been returned to the skydiver. 


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