Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Yet Another AWESOME Local TV News Interview

Floyd Briggs, pictured here, has given the best local
television interview so far this year. Image from KFOR.  
Floyd Briggs is going to join the pantheon of best local television interviews ever.

He'll join the ranks of the classic interviews, like the "apparently kid" at a Pennsylvania fair, the flair of Antoine Dodson, who foiled a creep who tried to sexually assault his sister, and the woman describing a destruction hailstorm at her house -- KABOOYA!!!

Floyd Briggs joins the list of these awesome interviews for describing for television station KFOR how he stopped a motorcyclist being chased by police in Chickasaw, Oklahoma.

Briggs is a camoflauge wearing big good ole' boy who stepped out into the street to make the motorcyclist crash, then chased him down.

Briggs admitted to the reporter that he got kind of winded chasing the guy down. "I was running out of steam very quick. I'm not very aerodynamic."

I also like how Briggs apologized to his neighbors during the interview for the salty language he used as he helped apprehended the perp, but I'm sure he's already forgiven.  He seems like the type of guy that everyone would like.

"I did use some language that just isn't how I talk....Some of the words I used, I was pretty worked up. I'm sorry for that."

There were no serious injuries in the incident, and the motorcycle driver faces several criminal charges. But, we have a new news hero in Briggs.

By the way, Briggs' Facebook page might be a little lowbrow, in a very good way, and it's also pretty funny.

Here's the awesome news clip from KFOR:

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