Saturday, April 4, 2015

Texas State Police Say Officer Needs Counseling Because He Posed For Pic With Snoop Dog

Are you a crazy person, or at least need counseling if you pose for a photo with rapper Snoop Dog?

That's what Texas Police officer Billy Spears must be wondering after his bosses got mad, really mad at him for the crime of posing with Snoop Dog.

This Texas police officer got in
trouble with his bosses for the High Crime (ha!)
of posing for a pic with Snoop Dogg.  
Maybe it's because Spears' bosses hate him for some reason, or he did something else wrong, but posing with Snoop Dogg is apparently a big, BIG no-no in Texas Police circles, according to The Guardian newspaper. 

Spears briefly posed with Snoop Dogg at SXSW in Austin recently. Snoop put the photo on his Instagram page and captioned it, "Me 'n My Deputy Dog."

Texas Police said Spears should have never posed with Snoop Dog because he has past criminal convictions for drug possession.

The Dallas Morning News says the counseling was needed because posing with a convicted drug dealer reflects badly on the Texas Department Of Public Safety.

Of course throwing the book at a cop for posing briefly for a pic with a famous person reflects badly on the department, too, but never mind.

Spears said he didn't know about those convictions, which is plausible because you can't expect a cop to know the criminal history of every single celebrity walking around out there.

Besides, Snoop Dogg has no outstanding warrants and no new criminal charges hanging over him. In that respect, the rapper was just another citizen walking around. I'm not sure what the harm is in this photo, then.

Maybe Spears was supposed to come up with some excuse to arrest Snoop Dogg again, just because they figure he's not a good guy?

Apparently, since Spears was forced to undergo counseling for being so outlandishly crazy to spend, say 20 seconds, posing for a photo with some random celebrity.

The counseling, says the Dallas Morning News, includes an order not to pose for photos with anybody. No sense in having a police officer appear friendly, with all the negative publicity about police brutality circulating around.

So be forwarned, law enforcement: If you see Snoop Dogg, stay as far, far away as possible.

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