Friday, October 9, 2015

NYPD, Psych Ward Can't Believe Black Woman Could Be Bank Employee Who Drives BMW

This woman says she was locked in a psych ward for truthfully
saying she drove a BMW, worked at a bank and was
on President Obama's Twitter feed.  
There's a 32 year old black woman in New York City who works at a bank, drives a older model BMW and is one of a zillion people President Obama follows on his Twitter feed.

No offense to the lady, but to me, this brief profile of her doesn't strike me as particularly unusual.

To the New York Police Department and a psych ward at Harlem Hospital  this woman is implausable as a unicorn dancing on Pluto with Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs.

Trouble came to Kamilah Brock when last year in Harlem when she stopped at a red light while driving her 2003 BMW 325Ci.

She apparently liked the song on the radio because she was sort of moving around in her car and briefly had her hands off the steering wheel as she grooved to the music waiting for the light to change.

Brock said a NYPD officer saw this little dance, pulled her over and ordered her out of her car.

The cops arrested her and seized her car because they thought she was high on pot. She wasn't and no drugs were found in the car. They still comfiscated her car and took her into custody, says the web site Alternet. 

"After being detained at NYPD's 30th Precinct for a few hours, Brock was released without charges. When she asked for her car, officers told her to return the next day to claim it at a substation. Instead of giving Brock her car back the following day, NYPD cops refused to believe that she owned a BMW and placed her in handcuffs before calling an ambulance."

Brock was taken to Harlem Hospital's psych ward because everybody knows black women aren't rich enough to drive BMWs and they don't work at banks, is the apparent logic of NYPD. I mean, come on, every 32 year old black woman in New York is  crack whore, goes the logic.

Harlem Hospital held Brock for eight days, repeated knocking her out, or at least knocking her for a loop, by repeatedly being injected with sedatives and forced to take lorazepam and lithium because the jerks at the hospital misdiagnosed her as bipolar and delusional.

Alternet goes on:

"According to medical records, doctors also repeatedly attempted to coerce her into denying she owned a BMW, was a bank and has President Barack Obama as a follower on Twitter."

But Brock was in reality all of these things. She has worked at Citibank, Chase and Astoria Bank. The BMW in question is registered to her. Obama does follow Brock on Twitter. Although the Twitter account is administered by White House staffers. Obama doesn't contribute to it all that much.

Still. How hard would it have been to verify Brock's Twitter account. It's set to "public" so any bozo can look it up. Also, if Brock claimed to work at a bank, why not just call the bank to see if it was so. Pretty easy right?

After the eight days went by, Brock was released from the psych ward without explantion. She was then billed for $13,637.10 for the hospital stay, even though she never was misdiagnosed and held against her will.

I guess Harlem Hospital decided it needed a revenue boost, so they held a sane woman as crazy.

By the way, Brock has no history of mental illness. Unlike the cops that detained her and the jerks at the hospital, Brock is totally sane.

Now, Surprise! Brock is suing the city of New York for violating her constitutional rights.

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