Thursday, October 15, 2015

Would-Be Darwin Award Winner Tries To Put Out Fire Using Ammunition-Laden Van

A van and its cargo of ammo goes up in flames
in Missouri after a guy tried to use the van to
put out a garbage fire he'd set. 
One of the worst ways to get rid of garbage is to burn it. It releases toxic smoke.

That was the man's first mistake when he set fire to pile of trash in a Missouri field.

From there, the man kept letting his dumbness cascade with abandon.

According to the Kansas City Star, (Note, the link has an obnoxious autoplay)  the garbage fire started getting out of control. The man, who the paper did not identify, thought he could put the fire out by repeatedly driving his van over it.

Yes, yes, you and I know what would happen when we do that, but he didn't. The van's tires caught fire and soon the van was ablaze.

Oh, and did I mention the van was full of ammunition? And the guy knew that before trying to use the van to put out the fire?

A Clay County Deputy Sheriff who was conducting a traffic stop nearby, noticed the black smoke and went to investigate. Which is how we found out about this.

The deputy sheriff, probably knowing that if he cited the guy, the man's name would be made public record, decided not to file a complaint. The lawman also probably figured the guy was already being punished enough for his stupidity.

Also, nobody got hurt, so there was that good fortune.

The man with the van and the ammunition didn't file an insurance claim either, says the Kansas City Star. Too embarrassing?

Next time, dude, try putting out a fire with gasoline. That'll work!

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