Thursday, October 22, 2015

Texas Jerks Prompt "Clock KId To Move To Oman

Way to go Texas!
Ahmed Mohamed, the clock kid, is taking his clock
and moving to Qatar and done with Irving, Texas.  

Famously arresting teenager Ahmed Mohamed for bringing a homemade clock to school, they drove him out of America.

Ahmed is headed to Qatar where he will continue his studies there.

Let's drive all them foreigners out, even the smart ones! The only thing this country needs is dumb white men, right

Naw, we don't need the best and the brightest. This is MURICA!

Ahmed famously got in trouble because it appears that his school and cops thought he was suspicious for bringing the clock with its protruding wires and digital display in.

He kept insisting it was a clock, which it was, but you know them Muslims! Always bringing bombs to whereever they are. At least in some people's opinion.

His school was widely derided and Ahmed even got to go to the White House to meet President Obama. And a lot of famous and well-regarded places of higher education in the United States invited him, too.

But the family has had enough of Irving, Texas, it seems. The Dallas Morning News says Ahmed is heading to the Qatar Foundation for Education, Science and Community Development.  

So he's gone. What bright kid are we going to demoralize next, since it seems to be the American Way, at least in some parts of the country.

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