Thursday, October 1, 2015

The Bonkers Political Ad Season Starts Early

Crazy North Carolina congressional candidate Kay Daly
goes "RINO hunting" in her classic campaign ad
Every political season, we get to enjoy really super bonkers campaign ads.

It's started already.

Introducing Kay Daly, a Tea Party backed Republican candidate for Congress in North Carolina, is taking on incumbent Renee Elmers, a Republican who isn't exactly liberal, let me tell you.  

Still Elmers is not nearly conservative enough for Daly, oh no, not at all.

She voted for Obamacare! (sort of) She allows "homosexuals to pretend they are married!"

Daly also complains that Ellmers voted to let illegal immigrant child molesters stay in America, but I bet that's a bit of a distortion, don't you?

The ad also features Ellmer in extremely unflattering photos, as if she's constantly making bizarre faces while serving in Congress. Come to think of it, I believe they all do that.

In an email touting the ad, Daly also complains that Ellmers "hispanders" to illegal immigrants. You're such a punster, Kim Daly!

Daly also doesn't like an Equal Rights Amendment Ellmer supposedly supported that is "the one lesbians used to burn their bras over."

The solution, according to Daly: Go RINO hunting. That's Republican In Name Only, which is what Republicans who are not extreme right wing wackos are called these days.

So we have a RINO hunt in Daly's campaign ad

You HAVE to watch it:

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