Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Wow! Big Switzerland Rock Slide Caught On Camera

A huge rock on a Swiss mountain, seconds before it collapsed
it blasted into a valley below.  
Glad nobody was beneath this cliff.

A huge chunk of rock on a Swiss mountain gave way recently, and luckily, geologists were there to film it.

According to the Telegraph UK, (I'm not linking to it because it's got an obnoxious autoplay), geologist had detected signs that a big chunk of the Rock of Mel Niva was about to let go.

A small village far below was evacuated just in case and the geologists set up their cameras.

The rock let go, carving a path through the forest 1,000 feet down the mountain. The rocks missed the village and everything there is OK.

Here's dramatic the video, shot from two angles:

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