Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Alex Jones, Who Is Trump's Wacko Muse, Is Entertaining In A Scary Way

Alex Jones is one of Donald Trumps most, um,
interesting news sources.
One of Donald Trump's favorite news sources seems to be Alex Jones.

Jones is the visible head of something called InfoWars, which is, to put it mildly, a wildly crazy, train wreck of an extreme wacko conspiracy theories.

There's an entertaining video of him at the bottom of this post.

Jones is the guy who informed us that terrorist attacks and mass shootings in Orlando, Sandy Hook, Boston and other places were "false flags" by the Obama administration to take away all our guns and all of our freedoms.

He's the guy who informed us that the government is creating gay people by putting estrogen in juice boxes,thereby being a method of population control.

When a terrible tornado hit Moore, Oklahoma in 2013, he said the U.S. Air Force has the ability to control and direct swarms of tornadoes and launched a strike on Moore. No word from Jones yet on why the government targeted the fine people of Moore.

Also, Diet Coke is a by-product of a Pentagon study that would engineer e-coli bacteria and the fact that Taylor Swift endorsed Diet Coke in ads means that she loves genetically modified bacteria poop. 

So, yes, Jones is, um, interesting, which makes it very easy for me to pick on him. I know I'm being mean. I shouldn't abuse the mentally ill.

But in Jones' case, I can't help it. He needs to be taken down a notch.

Thankfully, we got some help from Vice, who tweeted the compilation you'll see below of clips from Jones' radio show.

Jones tends to have a temper, or which he also apologizes for. The wax and wane of these episodes is something to behold.  The dude certainly is excitable.

Watch the clip if you dare:

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