Monday, March 6, 2017

Connections Are The Theme Of This Great Movie, And This Great Ad

See this movie! 
The other day I watched a fantastic science fiction movie called "Arrival."

In it, 12 spaceships land on various places on Earth.

A scientist and a linguist are dispatched to Montana, where one of the ships has landed, to determine what the aliens are saying and what they want.

This is no big War of The World kinda movie, but, without being more of a spoiler than I already am, is a meditation on perspectives, fear and bravery.

The movie encourages us to view things in different, novel ways, to see the other side, to see how connections work rogether, to see how people could potentially work together.

See that movie!

Along the same lines is a viral video that advetises a Dutch television network. They have groups of people come into a room: A rich group, a poor group, an immigrant group, a rural group, an urban group, etc.

Then the MC mixes and matches the group. Everybody who was the class clown stand together. Anyone who was ever bullied stand together.

There's a series of these mix and match groupings in the video, with this message: We can slice and dice any group we want, and no matter what, there are going to be commonalities and differences.

Us vs. Them goes out the window.

Here's the great video:

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