Friday, March 10, 2017

Juggling College Student Proves He Wasn't Driving Drunk

Police dash cam video shows this driver proving beyond a
shadow of a doubt he wasn't drinking and driving by
putting on a juggling demonstration. 
You know the police do this all the time.

They see a young man, driving slowly late at night, with a brake light out. At one point he swerves a bit toward the curb.

Is this a drunken driver?

Reasonable question.

Which is why Sgt. Keith McKay of the Univeristy of Central Arkansas campus police pulled over a student  named Blayk Puckett recently.

It turned out Puckett wasn't drunk. He knew he had a broken tail light and was driving slowly because he didn't want to get pulled over the police.

But.... busted. Puckett was pulled over

Once he stopped Puckett, McKay quickly figured out that Puckett hadn't been drinking.. Even so, the student decided to really prove he was sober.

So he got his gear out of the car and started juggling.  

The cops should have guessed this would happen. Puckett's vanity license plate is "JUGGLER."

Body and dash cam video shows McKay coaxing Puckett into doing the "sobriety" demonstration.

"No pressure, I want you to know, you don't have to," McKay says in the police video. But Puckett was game and went at it with the juggling.

As Puckett began, McKay is heard saying, "This is gonna be awesome. You just made my night, I gotta tell you."

After the juggling demonstration, police let Puckett go with no ticket, as he promised to get his brake light fixed.

Here's the police video of the incident.

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