Thursday, March 9, 2017

Amazon Echo's Alexa Won't Tell Us If She Works For the CIA

Alexa, my Amazon Echo device, does not like it
if you inquire whether it's connected to the CIA.
Lot of us, including me, have Amazon's Echo, that device that just sits on a shelf,  gives you answers to your questions, plays music for you, helps you time your cooking and doing all sorts of tasks.

To make it work, you just announce its name, Alexa, and say something like, "Alexa, what's the weather forecast in Vermont today?"

Alexa will give you the answer to this and multitudes of other questions.

Pretty handy!

There's a weird viral video out there, that you can see below, in which a woman asks Alexa if she would ever lie to her.

The answer, essentially, is no.

Sometimes, when you ask Alexa a question, it can't process the question right, so it will tell you something like, "Hmmm I don't know the answer to that," Or, "I didn't understand the question."

This happens frequently if you ask a question in a convoluted way, which is understandable.

However, in these cases, Alexa doesn't just shut down unless you ask it this question: "Alexa, are you connected to the CIA?

With this question, Alexa just goes "blurp" and shuts down.

In the video below, you can see what Alexa does. I tried it on my own at my house and got the exact same response.

After awhile, once this viral video went out Alexa's answer for me changed to: "Sorry, I'm have a little trouble. Please try again later."

She's still fine with answering any other (non-controversial) question, though.

Probably just a system bug, but still a little creepy.


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