Sunday, March 5, 2017

Have I Got A Car For You

What a deal. (Stripper pole is under tarp_

In the market for a new car?

I can help. Check this out.

The North Hills Auto Mall in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania has for you a burgundy 1988 Lincoln Town Car with only 72,000 miles on it, reports BoingBoing.

It's got a snazzy 5-liter V8 engine, automatic four-speed transmission, cruise control, power steering, air conditioning, brand new inspecroin and the piece de resistance, a stripper pole!!

It's all yours for the low, low price of $14,999!
The stripper pole in this little ge. 

Go to Pittsburgh and get this awesome deal before it is gone forever!!

Imagine the parties you could have. You will be the coolest guy or gal on the block.

Get this car today!

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