Thursday, December 27, 2018

Entitled Woman Turns Into Snowflake When Told Not To Touch Service Dog

This woman was dubbed "Service Dog Sally" for being upset that
her toddler was not allowed to pet a service dog. She said the people
with the service dog were rude when they said no. 
I just love picking on self-important, entitled people. Their antics very often go viral, so it makes it convenient to do so.

So I'm picking on somebody today. Who of course went viral.

In this case, a woman in a Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania mall asked another woman if her toddler could pet her service dog. The answer was no.

As pretty much everybody on the planet knows, you don't touch a service dog. They're working. They don't need distractions. Get your own damn dog.

The mother of the toddler goes totally off - angry and bewildered and insulted that she and her kid was told "No." Like we all have to bow to this queen of snowflakes or whatever the hell she is.

In her self defense, the woman in the video says she had accepted the "No" answer, but somebody in the group used profanity, so she confronted the group with the service dogs.  That naturally made everything worse, because she just couldn't ignore this alleged profanity.

Watch the video at the bottom of this post to make your eyes roll.

First, here are the rules, for the tiny percentage of people out there who don't get it:

1. You must ask permission first if you want to touch a service dog, or any dog, or any pet, or any person.

2. If you are told that you cannot touch said animal or person, that ends the discussion. There is no negotiation. Move on.

3. If you do put up a fight over this and are filmed in a public place, there's nothing you can do about it. The idiot woman in the video begs to differ, but this is all very settled First Amendment case law. If you are in a public place and being video'd and you don't like it, too bad. Just get out of camera range if it bothers you.

4. If you are told you can't touch a service dog, any pet or any person, and you object to being filmed, you are free to threaten to contact your lawyer. Again, First Amendment case law says you can say this. Just don't expect any lawyer with even a smidgeon of common sense to take your case.

Anyway, here's the video. It's kind of cathartic to want to slap the offending women, although literally slapping her would be illegal. So just do it in your mind:

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