Thursday, December 13, 2018

UPS Delivery Guy Gets Fun Assist From A Squirrel

In this still from a security camera video, a squirrel leaps onto the
shoulder of a UPS driver delivering a package to a homeowner.
Nice to see the squirrel trying to be helpful. 
In the viral video in this post, a delivery guy gets a happy assist during his workday.

It's Christmas season, so people are getting packages at their home left and right. In this case, a UPS driver delivers a Zappos box to a customer.

It's all festive. As the security camera shows, there's a nice seasonal wreath, and the bearded delivery guy taps a little tune on the box. He's in a good mood. It even helps that you can see a Christmas wreath on the door. All is well.

While he's waiting for the homeowner to open the door to accept the package, a squirrel decides to be helpful. Said squirrel jumps on the UPS driver's shoulder and head, and he's delighted.

The squirrel is gone by the time the homeowner opens the door, and the video cuts out at that point. I would have loved to hear what the conversation was like between UPS guy and the homeowner.

But at least it's a nice, happy alternative to the porch pirate thefts we usually see this time of year

Here's the video:

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